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Turn your idea into an exceptional self-help book

I help life coaches, business owners, and busy individuals get their books written in the shortest span of time. 

One thing i can do for you

I know how important it is for you to get your book written. Your audience base will skyrocket and sales is increased. The impact you make is the most beautiful thing.

And that is one thing I can do for you; have your self-help book written for you with no fear of plagiariam or waste of money.

Why should you work with me?

1. Idea validation

Everone has a story to tell and the truth is those ideas are valid. As a ghostwriter, I don’t just write your book, I ensure the ideas we are talking about are well developed to meet your audience’s need.

Having that book well written increases your perceived credibility, saves you more money and you still have a perfect book.

2. Expertise

Having someone who knows her craft work on your book is as important as the book idea itself. I have trained and helped many authors birth their books right from scratch. Being an author myself, I know what it takes to birth masterpiece; it is beyond the passion to just want to write.

3. Saving time

Working with a ghostwriter guarantees time saving. With me, you will get your book written in the shortest span of time possible.


Being a life coach has its own appeal especially when you see your clients/audience getting it right and executing what you are teaching them.

I have coached tons of people and there is nothing as beautiful as seeing them understand what you are trying to tell them. It’s ecstatic.

This is why I tell every life coach when asked how to make their books appeal to their audience/clients to ensure…


Now, we understand we all have our cognitive levels but one thing is certain, a good written book is a book that focuses on clarity above anything else.

Hence, I need you to ask yourself now, “how clear is my message?”

A book with a clear message is easy to relate with and focus is the key.

All your ideas don’t have to go into a single book because the truth is, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of books in you.

Pause and ask yourself, “how clear is my message?”

Cheers to writing your masterpiece.

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Experience Matters

Working with Odunayo Sonde was a fantastic experience. She's a writer par-excellence. If you are looking for a trusted content writer and ghostwriter, Odunayo Sonde is your go-to person. She knows her onions and I can assure you that she'll definitely deliver. I recommend her 100 percent!
Emmanuel Olatunji EGA
Publisher, Tebeba Global Publishing Ltd
Odunayo is a great and exceptional writer. She carefully coins her words in such a that it is easy to understand and still passes the intended message well. I have read her books and I really commend her creativity in writing. She is good at using stories to pass an intended message. Her writings most times captures my attention. She is very good at what she does. I recommend her for any good writing job opportunity.
Adedolapo Ige
Audit Associate at PKF NIGERIA

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