To become a better writer, know that everything you do has a rule of thumb to aid peak performance. As a writer, if you would become a btter writer, you must consider the norms in your field that has worked for a considerable period of time. Do you wish to be a great writer? Then these rules of thumb are important for you! Just 5 of it and you can be sure to have a template for other successes you will record as a writer.

  1. Read books on writing
  2. Set aside time to write daily
  3. Have a writing routine
  4. Know and identify your target audience.
  5. Looking for inspiration is a farce.

Okay! Let’s dive into the topic.


You probably are wondering why that is the first rule. You shouldn’t go into a trade without knowing the rudiment. Reading great books on writing will prevent you from doing trials and errors and hasten your speed in writing. You can read books on punctuations in writing, basic rules in writing, how to get started as a writer, knowing how to structure your words, etc.

You can try downloading books from public libraries if you can’t afford buying the books yet (pdfdrive.com is a good place to start).

Let me give you a few guides on some of the books you can download.

Writers Digest

So you think you can write?

These two are good ways to start. You can even check more out from pdfdrive.com as I suggested earlier. However, don’t just download just any book at the beginning. Download something related to your focus first or general to all writing and you will know you are good to go.

The danger there, however, is to read for reading sake. Don’t just read, apply the things you read daily.

Please, don’t think you can cheat life, it is guided by principles. You want to become better, learn from others! Both those you admire and those not in your field.


Ever heard about practice makes perfection? Yes, that is the logic. If you don’t write daily, you won’t horn your skill at the rate and speed at which you should. The difference between a man who communicates with his wife daily and the one that doesn’t is the familiarity level between him and his wife. You look forward to the call daily as the wife. But the man who communicates once in a while, even though the wife will feel like she hits a jackpot when he calls, the daily rapport and strengthening will be missing and the wife will get used to him not being there.

If as a writer you don’t write daily, you are joking with your skill! You don’t have to wait till you are in the mood. If you keep waiting, you will wait till forever. Document your thoughts daily and write even when you don’t feel like writing.

Disclaimer: I know there will be days you just need to get away from writing, please do that and make sure you unwind but get back to work once you are done.


At every stage of your writing, it is important you establish a writing routine. When you have a routine you follow daily, it will help you to hit your writing target and become better.

Having a target daily that you must hit is important. How many word count do you want to write daily? Know it and stick to it.

Doing this might not be easy initially but this is a tried and tested principle that has helped millions of writer and even me. You can decide to write 50 words daily for starters. Stick to it and don’t break the chain even for a day. Once you master it, it will become a natural part of you.

You cam employ different writing technique to achieve this. I use the pomodoro technique. You can try it out too. You can download my free eBook A.B.C of consistency to gain consistency in your writing or you join my writing school (Transformed Writing School)


I am very sure you don’t want to come to the online space to waste your time. Knowing your target audience is very important if you will establish yourself as an authority and become a great writer.

Who is your message to?

Don’t tell me everybody. Everybody might be the secondary audience but who are your primary audience?

Let’s take for example:

I am a relationship Coach. I help Christian Singles on their journey to marital bliss. My target audience are Christian Singles!

Even though my message can be consumed by other people in need of premarital counselling, I have my primary audience.

So, who are yours? Identify them and begin to dish out content that interest them or will benefit them.

In fact, when you identify them, you can easily monetise your skills with them. Do you want to know how to monetize your skill as a writer? You can register for my  Content to dominance coaching session.

Becoming a better writer is possible if you are willing to put in the work.


You saw that right. You probably always wait for inspiration to strike before you write but do you know waiting every time for inspiration might hinder you from maximising your potential?

We all have our ha-ha moment and the down times too. What happens when you don’t have the inspiration? Would you say you lack idea? No! What you lack isn’t idea but it is inspiration. But when you keep waiting for inspiration to strike, you will keep operating in fallacy.

When you have the idea, the inspiration will come. Identify places, events and situations where you get inspiration from and push yourself to write in those places. After this, look for days you don’t feel like writing and push yourself to write. You will realise one thing. It wasn’t Idea you lack but commitment which would trigger the inspiration.

When you are committed to a course, you will be passionate about it.

How do you get ideas for your writing?

Ideas are everywhere. All you need is to learn to observe everything around you. Reading this book at this time can trigger an idea. You just need to be discipline enough to identify it and document it instantly because it won’t stay for long.

There is a lot in you waiting to be utilised. I believe in you!

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