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Singles' Bank

Singles’ bank is a life manual for every singles. The book addresses the matters of life and marriage in a simple and well constructed manner using the banking system as a blueprint.

You will get to understand the basic things in life that make marriages work and things that make singlehood more interesting.

Life couldn’t have been more easier with singles having wisdom in their reservoir; wisdom on the act of ‘saving’, conflict management, willingness and selflessness, deal breakers, etc.

That you are holding this book already is a surety your marriage will be heavenly and blissful.


Singles' Web

Many of us singles have tried, in all possible ways, not to make any mistake when it comes to making marital choices, but we end up making these mistakes probably because we didn’t plan adequately ahead for it. Yes, we know the dangers but we didn’t plan ahead against it and, as a result, we end up where we didn’t want.

One major problem is our inability to identify what the problem really is as we can only proffer solution to a problem we have identified.

Singles’ web is set to see every web you are entangled in as a single disentangled.

That is why in each chapter of the book, I identified some of the mistakes we make as singles on our marital journey. I didn’t stop at identifying; I also discussed the way out.

Knowing the problem isn’t enough. Knowing how to get out of it is more important.

Singles' Web


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