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The odds against you are high if you are unable to communicate well at your workplace.

Imagine if you are finally able to get that promotion because you can communicate your value to the higher-ups.

What does it look like to gain the respect of your colleagues because you write so well?

What does it look like for your boss to commend you each time you write a report?

What does it look like to be the one representing your organization because you communicate depth clearly and precisely?

And when applying for fellowships, you write so well with no fluff?

Are you aware that you can attract a mentor or sponsor just because you communicate your thoughts well on social media?

It is time to say goodbye to error-filled, punctuation-lacking content!

This is the exact training you need!


Odunayo refined my writing skill.

As a business lawyer, I know firsthand the importance of clear and effective communication. Whether it's drafting contracts, negotiating deals, or representing clients in court, the ability to convey ideas and arguments in a compelling way is essential to success...Odunayo's insights and guidance have helped me to refine my writing skills and become a more persuasive communicator. - Abiodun Ogedengbe.

I have learnt to use and combine words skillfully.

I couldn't have believed that I can spin in so many words, phrases and sentences together to communicate my lines of thought in creative writing. This writing challenge has boosted my confidence, have enhanced my focus, advanced my use of grammar. Most importantly, I have learnt to use and combine words skillfully. - Gbemisola Osinaike

Her consistency and drive for excellence puts me on my toes.

Her consistency and drive for excellence puts me on my toes. Today, being my final day of the consistency and commitment challenge, I want to appreciate her for believing in me, finding time from her very busy schedules to see that I am on track and striving for excellency. Her status updates and books have been a source of knowledge, which is transforming lives daily. Her personality is beautiful and she exudes grace, poise and the wisdom of God. I once told her, that I want to be like her, she laughed and said; overtaking is allowed in this race, strive to be better and be an authority at what you do. - Atekojo Victoria

I can conveniently make posts

When I started this consistency and commitment challenge with Odunayo Tobiloba Sonde, I was struggling with making just one post per day, it's day 18 and I can conveniently make 2-4 posts in one day. I also got a notification from Facebook acknowledging my consistency and improved visibility. One day at a time, we are getting there. - Fummilayo Esther Zinsou

I gained clarity.

It has been long I have been hearing a Motivational statement that "Winner Nevers Quit and Quitters never win" but when I registered for the course I gain clarity on what it really means. Thanks for your kind words. Thanks for pushing me, even when I don't want to. Thanks for all you do. You are a blessing to this generation and beyond. Toluwalase Joshua Olunlade

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Odunayo is a firelighter.

In the journey of life, there are some people specially positioned as destiny helpers, firelighters. They see the good in you and help push you beyond limits.(I would advise look out for such people). Odunayo Tobiloba Sonde is indeed all of this and more. She held our hands through each day cheering us on. Her teachings and encouragement was incredible. Even though I could not post all through the 30days. I am more conscious of the fact that I can do whatever I set my heart to and I can do more. – Akinsola Olamide.

She made it easy.

I can’t remember on which social media platform I got to know about the consistency challenge but I am grateful I came across it.I’m glad I put in for it. To be honest, 21 days seemed so long but it happened – tomorrow being the last day. I am grateful for the convener of this vision and head of the Transformed Writing School in person of Odunayo Tobiloba Sonde. She was strict and stood by the rules. She constantly sent us personal reminders and motivated us to show up too. I honestly love this experience! It looked hard at first but she made it easy for us.
Thank you for heeding the call to see people become better. Thank you Odunayo Tobiloba Sonde – Ruth Jayeola

Odunayo showed me the path to becoming an author.

Thank you, Odunayo, for showing me the path to becoming an author.

– Bolaji Amodu, Author, Finding Your Way to Love.


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