non-fiction book ghostwriting

The task

Unleash the full potential of your unwritten story with my bespoke non-fiction book ghostwriting process. Through a collaborative journey of discovery, I delve deep into your unique perspective and expertise, meticulously capturing your vision, ideas, and experiences. As a specialist in diverse genres, including non-fiction, memoirs, and self-help, I craft compelling narratives that resonate with readers, empowering you to leave a lasting legacy and inspire profound transformation. Let's transform your aspirations into a captivating literary masterpiece that touches hearts and ignites minds.

step 1: Discovery and Vision Unveiling

In the first step of my non-fiction book ghostwriting methodology, we embark on an in-depth discovery process. Through thought-provoking interviews and detailed discussions, I immerse myself in your world, uncovering the essence of your message, goals, and intended impact. Together, we unveil the vision for your book, ensuring a deep understanding of your unique voice, key themes, and target audience.

STEP 2: Crafting Compelling Narratives

With the vision crystalised, I employ my expertise as a seasoned writer to craft compelling narratives that bring your story to life. Meticulously weaving together the insights gathered, I transform concepts into captivating chapters, striking a balance between knowledge, emotion, and authenticity. Throughout this collaborative journey, I seek your input and feedback, ensuring that your voice remains at the heart of every sentence.

STEP: 3 Empowering Impactful Publishing

In the final step, I facilitate the journey from manuscript to a professionally published work. As a specialist in the world of self-publishing, I guide you through the intricacies of the publishing process, from cover design to formatting. Together, we ensure your book reaches its intended audience through strategic distribution and marketing. With my dedication to empowering authors, you can confidently embrace your role as an influential writer, inspiring positive change in the lives of your readers worldwide.

Book writing coaching

As a book writing coach, I guide and mentor aspiring authors on their writing journey, offering personalised support, actionable feedback, and proven techniques, empowering them to overcome obstacles and transform their ideas into captivating and well-structured manuscripts.

Step 1: Personalised Onboarding and Goal Setting

In the initial step of my book coaching approach, we embark on a personalised onboarding process. Through comprehensive discussions and assessments, I gain a deep understanding of your writing aspirations, existing progress, and challenges. Together, we set clear and achievable goals for your book project, outlining specific milestones and timelines to keep you on track.

Step 2: Tailored Coaching and Skill Development

Once the goals are established, I begin the coaching process with a focus on enhancing your writing skills and honing your unique voice. Through one-on-one sessions, I provide constructive feedback, valuable insights, and practical techniques to strengthen your storytelling abilities and structure your narrative effectively. Whether you’re a first-time writer or a seasoned author, I tailor my coaching to meet your individual needs, nurturing your creative growth and boosting your confidence as a writer.

Step 3: Ongoing Support and Motivation

As we progress through your writing journey, I provide continuous support and motivation to ensure you stay inspired and focused. Regular check-ins and accountability sessions keep you motivated and on course, overcoming any obstacles that may arise along the way. Together, we celebrate your accomplishments and address challenges, empowering you to stay resilient and committed to your vision. Through this empowering coaching methodology, you’ll not only complete your book project but also gain the tools and self-assurance to become a proficient and empowered writer for future endeavours.

Writing Coaching

Step 1: Discovery and Goal Alignment

In the initial step of my writing coaching approach, we begin with a thorough discovery process. Through one-on-one consultations and assessments, I gain insights into your writing aspirations, strengths, and areas for improvement. Together, we align your goals with the specific courses from my curated selection that best suit your needs and objectives.

Step 2: Customised Course Selection

Based on our discovery phase, I tailor a personalised course package that caters to your unique writing goals. Whether you aim to enhance your storytelling techniques, make impact, influence and income, improve grammar and language skills, or delve into genre-specific writing, I select the most relevant courses from my repertoire to maximise your growth as a writer.

Step 3: Structured Learning and Progress Tracking

As you embark on your selected courses, I provide a structured learning plan, outlining the sequence and schedule of each module. Regular progress tracking ensures that you stay on track with the course materials, assignments, and assessments, empowering you to stay motivated and accountable throughout your writing journey.

Step 4: Guided Coaching and Feedback

Throughout the courses, I offer guided coaching sessions to supplement your learning experience. In these interactive sessions, we delve deeper into the course content, clarify doubts, and discuss practical applications to your writing projects. You'll receive valuable feedback on your writing samples, empowering you to implement newfound skills effectively.

Step 5: Supportive Writing Community

As part of my coaching approach, you gain access to a supportive writing community of like-minded individuals. Engage in discussions, share experiences, and exchange feedback with fellow writers, fostering a collaborative and inspiring environment that further enhances your growth as a writer.

Step 6: Celebrating Growth and Continued Learning

Upon completion of your selected courses, we celebrate your growth as a writer and reflect on your progress towards achieving your initial goals. Whether you've honed your storytelling craft, mastered the art of non-fiction writing, or embraced your unique writing voice, our coaching journey marks the beginning of a lifelong commitment to continuous learning and growth as a proficient and empowered writer.

Let's Transform Your World

Speaking engagements

Step 1: Initial Contact and Event Details

To invite me to speak at your event, begin by reaching out through my designated contact channels, be it through my website’s contact form, email, or phone. In your initial message, please provide essential event details, such as the event theme, date, location, audience profile, and any specific topics or themes you would like me to address in my presentation.

Step 2: Discussion and Customisation

Upon receiving your invitation, I’ll promptly respond to discuss further details and explore how my expertise aligns with the event’s objectives. We’ll engage in open dialogue to tailor the content and format of my presentation to best resonate with your audience and event goals. I’ll also share information about my speaking fees, travel arrangements, and any other logistical requirements.

Step 3: Agreement and Confirmation

Once we finalise the speaking engagement details, I’ll send a formal agreement outlining all the agreed-upon terms and conditions. The agreement will cover topics such as speaking fees, event schedule, travel arrangements, accommodation, and any additional arrangements as required. Upon mutual acceptance of the agreement, your event date will be reserved, and we’ll proceed with preparations for an impactful and memorable speaking experience.

are you ready to Polish your book?


Reach Your Full Potential

Are you ready to elevate your non-fiction manuscript to its fullest potential and captivate your readers with clarity and precision? My specialised non-fiction book editing service is designed to transform your manuscript into a polished and impactful work that resonates with your target audience.

Process Involved:

1. Comprehensive Manuscript Evaluation:
I begin the editing process with a thorough evaluation of your non-fiction manuscript. By analyzing the structure, content, and overall flow of your work, I identify areas for improvement and tailor the editing approach to enhance the manuscript’s coherence and impact.

2. Developmental Editing:
As part of the developmental editing phase, I focus on strengthening the foundational elements of your manuscript. This includes refining the narrative structure, organizing chapters and sections for maximum effectiveness, and ensuring that your core message remains clear and compelling.

3. Content Enhancement and Clarity:
With a keen eye for detail, I meticulously review and edit your manuscript’s content to enhance clarity, consistency, and coherence. I offer valuable suggestions to refine language, tighten sentences, and ensure a cohesive flow that engages readers from start to finish.

4. Polishing Your Manuscript:
In this stage, I fine-tune your writing style and elevate the prose to resonate with your target audience. I pay special attention to grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, ensuring a seamless reading experience that reflects your unique voice and expertise.

5. Fact-Checking and Citations:
As a diligent editor, I conduct thorough fact-checking and verify citations to ensure the accuracy and credibility of your non-fiction work. I collaborate with you to ensure all sources are properly attributed and cited according to industry standards.

6. Final Manuscript Review:
In the last stage, I conduct a final review to ensure that all edits are incorporated seamlessly and the manuscript is ready for publication. You receive a polished and professionally edited non-fiction book that leaves a lasting impact on your readers and showcases your expertise with unwavering authenticity.

With my meticulous non-fiction book editing service, you can confidently share your knowledge and insights with the world, knowing that your manuscript has been refined to meet the highest standards of excellence. Together, we’ll craft an extraordinary literary work that empowers, enlightens, and sparks meaningful conversations for years to come.