Many people are worried about what to put in place before writing their first manuscript and would do anything not to make any costly mistake. You can write your book with ease with the steps I will teach you in this article.

Is it possible to have a perfect manuscript as a first-time writer? I won’t give you a definite answer but you can have a near to perfect one. That sounds like an answer right? Maybe it is because you get perfect on the job.


However, that doesn’t mean you give out a bad manuscript. When publishing my book as a first time author, my first manuscript was far from perfect. If I show you that very first manuscript, though worked on by an editor, you will still feel the dent on it like your favourite car. Do you know the pain? It is as bad as that.

To some people, that manuscript was good to go but I wasn’t even confident enough to give it out. So, I needed a second or what you will call a third eye, someone who will look beyond how I feel and tell me the truth. Luckily, I got one but you might not be as lucky as I was because even my third eye came with a price that I wasn’t willing to pay.

Okay! I don’t want to bore you with stories of how messy my first draft was but I needed you to know just so you would know I didn’t become a great writer overnight. I paid my price and I am still paying it.

If you are ready to pay your price too, I am more than glad to help you. Moving in the space of two years from being a rookie to becoming who I am (and I even Ghostwrite for other people) isn’t a ride to Malibu as I usually say (Don’t bother wondering what that means. It is my way of saying it wasn’t a smooth ride. Yeah! I gotcha there!).

Write your book with ease

So, let’s go straight into things you need to do before writing that first manuscript and the steps will help you write your book with ease.

Have a concrete hold of your subject matter

You don’t want to be seen as dabbling. Even if it is your life story, make sure you understand what you are writing (you don’t necessarily have to show your confusion if you know what I mean- a lot of us are confused folks who get a revelation of themselves when they write). This doesn’t rule out the fact that you can get better understanding while writing but be sure you know what you are talking about. If you are confused, your audience might just know!

When I wrote the first draft of my manuscript, I jumbled a lot of topics because I didn’t have a hold of the concept I wanted to write about. I didn’t even have the whole picture— which is also very possible — but I was more lost than that. Hence, I was writing some things that weren’t necessary and that was a whole lot of headache but the moment the whole thing started making sense to me, I was free from the web (my first book is Singles’ web actually. What an irony!). It reflected in the change of chapter title. I was more confident of what I was writing and my writing didn’t lack transitioning as it did initially. This is because I understood what I was writing on then.

This scenario didn’t play out in my second book. I knew what I wanted to write about and that I wanted to use the Banking system to teach relationship. The only thing I had to deal with after several tries was to decide the part of the banking system I wanted to use and that didn’t take me forever.

Having a grip of your concept will help save you the stress of writing for so long a time clueless. Have you ever seen a clueless man before? You will be frustrated on his behalf.

How do you know if you have a grip on your subject matter? Ask yourself questions! I know you are worried as to the kind of questions but it is very simple.


Get a pen and start writing your answer and that would guide you and help in deciding what to write and your scope. It’s like you trying to learn your own motive and how to make it all work.

Have I been able to solve that problem? Then let’s move!


Writing is in stages. You don’t just sit right in front of your PC or whatever you use in typing and expect the words to flow —except if you are a magician though. There are processes to writing that you can’t afford not to follow. The funniest thing is you do know those processes, you just haven’t been conscious of them except if you haven’t been giving diligent attention to your writing or you have been plagiarising.

1. The pre-writing process/stage

2. Writing process/stage

3. Post writing process/stage


The moment the idea drops till the moment you start doing the actual writing, you are in the pre-writing stage. What do you do here? You brainstorm, think, mind map, outline, make list, ask questions/interview, loop and draft.

The pre-writing stage is like a clarity stage where you are trying to get your bearing. Even though the stages are recursive, you need to do this at least for the first instance and you get to write that idea down! This doesn’t even include the fact that it makes the whole writing process easier. You are like a man who wanted to build a house and counted his cost before writing. Are you getting it? That’s it!

Brainstorming: This is the act of contributing ideas spontaneously. Do you already have other supporting ideas you need to make it a great book? Brainstorm and think. It is while brainstorming you can start mind mapping.

Mind mapping: Mind mapping is a kind of visual representation of your ideas and how those ideas are related. It not only makes writing easy but also helps you remain organised. It is a simpler way of outlining your book.  

Outlining: Outlining is a detailed to-do list. You comprehensively write the things you want to write about to be guided through the scope of your book. See a brief sample below for an imaginary book ‘Understanding Sex In Marriage’.


Chapter One

Understanding sex

Here, we will talk about the origin of sex, the various view of sex, and Sex in Christianity.


This is where you do your writing. You can have as many drafts as you want especially if you are a first-time author and you have no one guiding you. That’s why I love helping authors because this is the stage where they get confused or even feel bad especially the point where the zeal to continue is no longer there. If this ever happens to you, you can register for my writing coaching session where I hold your hands till you are done writing that book.

I will help you gain clarity, manage your time and walk you through making your book a success. To book a session with me, send a message to me here


After you have done writing, this is the editing and proofreading stage.


Sometimes, out might have to stop that book writing due to some reasons:

1)You can’t just write it after several trials because you know you aren’t accurately communicating.

If this happens, that might be pointing to something. If you have the fee to spare, get a ghostwriter like me. I niche down to self-help: personal development, family life, parenting, relationship and marriage, biography and autobiography. I can help you pass across your message to your right audience and you will never feel you didn’t write it yourself. That’s why I am ghosting you. You can book for my Ghostwriting service here.

2) You are not the in the right state of mind to write at that point. This makes you struggle a lot of time. It isn’t like you can’t write but your mind is clouded and is hindering your creativity. With this, you will need to move back.

3) There could be a bit extreme case where you can’t just get anything started. Then a writing coach will be your best shot. You can contact me to know how you can get your book out despite this block. A clarity session with me is worth more than a million naira because it is what will cause a shift inside of you and you will realise all obstacles have been taken away.


Writing is hard, I won’t dispute that with you but having the right plans and strategies in place will help you a lot. Will you be incorporating these plans? I can’t wait to see and read your book.

Keep winning and if you need more clarification to get across to me

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